Soft Tissue Engineering Biotechnology Company Sofregen Raises $8 Million in Series B Funding Round

Jonathan Hartmann joins company as new Chief Executive Officer; Healthcare industry veteran Philippe Schaison joins Board of Directors

BOSTON, Dec. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sofregen Medical, Inc. (Sofregen), an early stage medical device company, announced today that it has raised $8 million in new funding. The company is developing an advanced platform of products based on silk protein – also known as fibroin – that has been shown to have unique properties for tissue support and regeneration.

The Series B round was led by Anzu Partners from its second venture capital fund focused on breakthrough technologies. The funding will be used to accelerate the development of Sofregen’s unique technology and to support the commercialization and availability of Silk Voice™, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared silk protein treatment for vocal fold medialization and vocal fold insufficiency.

Additionally, the company announced that it has appointed Jonathan T. Hartmann as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hartmann was previously CEO of MA-based Axsun Technologies and brings decades of successful leadership experience in the medical technology industry.

“This is an exciting time for Sofregen,” said Hartmann. “We have an outstanding team, strong financial backing, and an incredible platform of clinical and scientific research behind us, and we look forward to making an immediate difference in patient’s lives by launching Silk Voice™ in 2020. We will also be advancing the clinical science to support the use of our unique silk protein materials for medical aesthetics.”

“Sofregen is driving the science behind tissue volume restoration,” said Anh Hoang, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer. “We are harnessing the power of silk protein – a naturally derived, organic, and predictable biomaterial. Our technology enables immediate volume restoration and provides a scaffold that facilitates new tissue generation. This is a valuable feature in facial aesthetic and medical bulking procedures.”

Sofregen also announced that it has appointed Philippe Schaison to its Board of Directors. Dr. Schaison previously served as the CEO, North American of Syneron Candela and President, U.S. Aesthetic & Dermatology at global pharmaceutical company Allergan.

“Sofregen’s technology platform far exceeds anything else in development or on the market today,” said Schaison. “I am excited to be joining the company’s Board of Directors to help it advance a whole range of new products already in development – including the next generation of aesthetic injectables.”

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Sofregen is a pioneer in soft tissue engineering with an advanced platform based on silk protein, also known as fibroin, which has been shown to have unique properties for tissue support and regeneration. Silk Voice is carefully engineered to match the biomechanics of soft tissue for immediate bulking and long-term tissue replacement. For more information, please visit:

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