Ai-Media Acquires Market-Leading Video and Captioning Technology Company EEG

Ai-Media is delighted to announce today that we have agreed to acquire EEG enterprises.

EEG is a market-leading North American video and captioning technology company. Its business focuses on innovative cloud workflow products for closed captioning, accessibility, and metadata processing applications.

Ai-Media has worked closely with EEG for over five years and is a reseller of its products outside of North America.

How We Fit

Ai-Media and EEG share a strong cultural alignment with focus on high quality, excellent customer service and proprietary technology.

“The fit between what we have built in the last 18 years and what EEG has built in the last 30-plus years is really exciting,” says Ai-Media Co-Founder and CEO Tony Abrahams.

Ai-Media’s acquisition of EEG complements Ai-Media’s existing products and gives us a complete live product suite for customers looking for a one-stop shop. This now includes software, hardware and services.

Why We Chose EEG

“EEG Enterprises is synonymous with innovative captioning technology,” says Virendra Raheja, Ai-Media’s Director of Research & Development.

EEG’s product suite includes the market-leading automated captioning solution, Lexi, which Ai-Media’s new automated captioning solution, Smart ASR, is designed to build on. It also includes iCap, the largest closed captioning and subtitle delivery network in the world.

EEG also brings with it a broad range of blue-chip customers across enterprise, government and broadcast. It serves US technology companies including five of the top ten largest companies by market capitalization on the NASDAQ, US federal and state government and defense organizations, and several major US and global media companies.

In acquiring EEG, Ai-Media will become a leading global, vertically-integrated, live captioning, transcription and translation technology company – meaning the business touches all points in the live captioning workflow.

The acquisition not only supports us to grow further into North America, but to maximize our service to customers around the world. It gives us the power to caption, translate and transcribe more content, in more languages than ever before. And we can do that for broadcast, live streams, recorded media, and endless other types of digital content.

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