InterVenn Promotes Klaus Lindpaintner to InterVenn Distinguished Scientist; Appoints Tillman Pearce as Chief Medical Officer

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InterVenn Biosciences, the leader in glycoproteomics, today announced the appointment of Klaus Lindpaintner, MD, MPH, to the newly created role of InterVenn Distinguished Scientist. Klaus has served so far as the company’s Chief Medical and Scientific Officer and will now focus on serving as InterVenn’s scientific alliance ambassador to the global glycobiology constituency.

Klaus’ efforts will be aimed at raising awareness of glycobiology across life science and biomedical communities, at fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations across basic and clinical research, at supporting working groups for the harmonization of standards, terminologies, and processes in this still evolving field, and at attracting young scientists to the domain. Klaus will serve as InterVenn’s spokesperson on scientific topics and will interact with a wide spectrum of audiences. The company created this role in recognition of the need to contribute to a broader understanding of glycobiology across society, as the field ‒ aided at least in part by InterVenn’s technology ‒ is now accelerating towards true clinical applicability.

“I am excited to take on this new role and become an evangelist for glycobiology,” said Klaus Lindpaintner, InterVenn Distinguished Scientist. “This will be a great opportunity to leverage and build on my experience and the learnings I have been privileged to during my tenure at InterVenn so far, and I am looking forward to serving as a catalyst for an ever-expanding scientific and clinical impact of glycobiology.”

InterVenn today also announced the appointment of Tillman Pearce, MD, as the company’s new Chief Medical Officer. Tillman comes to InterVenn from his current position as CMO, OBI Pharmaceuticals, with a distinguished record of accomplishments as a leader in clinical development across a range of large pharmaceutical and start-up biotechnology companies, including Novartis, Sandoz, Sanofi, Protein Design Labs, KaloBios, Threshold, and others. He has deep experience with both pre- and post-marketing clinical development in the areas of solid tumors, hematologic malignancies, immuno-oncology, inflammation, and infectious diseases. Tillman received his MD degree from Medical College of Georgia and is a Diplomate of the American Boards of Internal Medicine and Hematology.

“We are very pleased to welcome Tillman to the InterVenn family, in particular at a time when we are on a rapid trajectory to making the power of glycoproteomics available to patients and physicians, promising important advances in precision medicine and patient outcomes based on the novel biomarkers we are making available,” said Aldo Carrascoso, CEO of InterVenn. “Tillman’s rich experience and deep knowledge of the field of oncology will be an invaluable asset in achieving this goal.”

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InterVenn Biosciences has developed a proprietary glycoproteomic biomarker discovery and interrogation platform based on artificial intelligence-empowered mass spectrometry for next-gen precision medicine. The company is working on developing novel predictive tests in a range of indications, including ovarian, pancreatic, liver, prostate, lung, kidney and other cancers, as well as on tests for treatment response prediction and monitoring of treatment efficacy, and disease progression.


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