GelSight Expands Global Reach in Target Markets Through New Distribution Partnerships

GelSight will grow its presence in ten countries across Europe and Asia through four new distribution agreements

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, today announced that it has signed agreements with four new distribution partners to extend its reach and increase brand awareness in new geographies across Europe and Asia. The new distribution partners include Everest Polska, RMI s.r.o, Altair Consulting SA, and E2-Holdings Pte. Ltd.
  • Everest Polska – Everest Polska has been responsible for the distribution and service of visual research equipment in Poland and the Baltic States for over 15 years. The company will manage GelSight distribution across Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Hungary.
  • RMI s.r.o – RMI supplies scientific, analytical, and testing instruments, including equipment for 2D/3D imaging (optical, X-Ray, physical properties). The company will manage GelSight distribution across Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary.
  • Altair Consulting SA – Altair Consulting is at the heart of precision mechanics and the demand for surface quality in the world of 3D printing. The company will manage distribution for GelSight in Switzerland and France.
  • E-2 Holdings Pte. Ltd. – E-2 is the appointed online retailer for 2DM high performance graphene and authorized reseller for various high tech measurement instrument brands. The company will manage distribution for GelSight in Singapore.


“We have been following GelSight’s technology since 2019, and once the company launched its second-generation instrument, the GelSight Mobile Series 2 last year, we were excited to sign on as a distributor in Europe,” said Tomas Cernohorsky, CEO of RMI, s.r.o. “We believe that this technology is opening new opportunities for us and our customers within industry, forensic, and research laboratories. GelSight perfectly fills the gap in the portfolio of instruments we offer to the market in Czech, Slovak, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia.”

The handheld GelSight Mobile device can provide detailed, accurate surface characterization that can generate significant gains in productivity both on the production floor and in the field. The company’s tactile sensing technology has proven to enable rapid and well documented quality assurance decisions across automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, additive manufacturing, and precision manufacturing. These new distribution partners will help increase GelSight’s footprint and access in countries that play a significant role in the worldwide supply chain for these target industries.

“We are excited to work closely with our new partners to bring the power of tactile sensing and intelligence to new customers and increase our brand recognition in key geographies,” said Thierry Mantel, Chief Business Officer, GelSight. “These partnerships also help generate new market opportunities such as precision machining and give us access to an extended part of the value chain within our core industries.”

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About GelSight
GelSight is a pioneer in digital, imaging-based tactile intelligence. The proprietary technology that was invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides extremely detailed and rapid surface characterization, enabling several surface measurement applications and robotic sensing capabilities. Its elastomeric 3D imaging systems are currently in use in aerospace, automotive, forensics and in many robotic research labs throughout the world. GelSight is Digital Touch and Feel. For more information, please visit


Kalyn Kolek for GelSight