BioXpedia A/S and BioSkryb Genomics Announce European Partnership to Provide Groundbreaking, Single-Cell, Multiomic Analysis for Novel Target Identification and Therapeutic Development

This new partnership brings high-resolution, single-cell whole genome and whole transcriptome analysis to Europe. This partnership will enable novel insights and deep cellular characterization required in the evaluation, creation, and validation of new generation biologics and therapeutics in targeted disease management.

DURHAM, N.C. & AARHUS, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioSkryb Genomics, a pioneer in developing scientifically advanced single-cell analysis molecular chemistry and technology, today announced a partnership with BioXpedia A/S, a contract research laboratory providing high-quality, cost-effective services to preclinical and clinical researchers. This partnership forms a single source, end to end solution for the evaluation of multiomics in single cells supporting unprecedented target identification and therapeutic advancement.

Multiomics efforts have taken center stage in biomedical research leading to the development of new insights into biological events and processes. As an example, in the last decade, CRISPR gene editing has evolved as one of the most promising innovations to change how researchers study and treat disease. This technology has already proven effective in treating a range of diseases, including cancer, liver diseases, and genetic syndromes. As revolutionary as the Nobel-prize winning technology is, the gene editing approach is not without risk, requiring a deep and complete review of the full genome edited to minimize unintended consequences, including risk of malignancy. This is one of many examples proving the transformative potential in understanding the multiomic picture of a single cell with substantial precision to develop and deliver successful disease management interventions.

According to Emergen Research, the global targeted therapeutics market size was ~$94 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $162 billion in 2028. BioXpedia A/S will offer the European market an unparalleled solution for novel target identification, deep understanding of multiomics relating to disease management, and quality control analysis of cells that have undergone gene editing. This solution, utilizing BioSkryb Genomics’ ResolveDNA® and ResolveOME™ chemistries as a backbone, will enable the identification of unintended impacts on the genome, providing a reliable and accurate quality control measure for gene edited cells.

Commenting on the new partnership, BioXpedia A/S CEO Mogens Kruhøffer, PhD, stated, “BioXpedia has a well-established portfolio of genomics and proteomics technologies. Combining our operational power, experience, and clinical understanding with BioSkryb Genomics’ innovative single-cell technology, provides an unprecedented level and scale of multiomic analysis to support the requirements of quality control for gene edited cells.”

Jay A. A. West, PhD, CEO and Co-founder of BioSkryb Genomics added, “CRISPR gene editing is revolutionizing the production of novel biologics. Although highly effective, there is a level of risk associated with altering genomic properties, causing unintended consequence. The only way to establish off-target effects is through deep analysis that covers the whole genome and whole transcriptome in a single cell, identifying the mutation and resulting expression. This chemistry will provide the market with confidence in the safety and quality of the newly engineered cells.”

Mark Lynch, VP of Commercial Operations EMEA at BioSkryb Genomics, stated, “ResolveOME is a unique product which allows the comprehensive evaluation of DNA and RNA in a single cell, within a single workflow. While multiomics has become a common phrase in the genomics arena, what sets ResolveOME apart is the ability to determine the presence of introduced risk factors across the entire genome and understand the downstream consequence of these unintended alterations in the full-length mRNA transcriptome. As demand continues to grow in this field, our new partnership with BioXpedia A/S provides a solution in the European market as innovative as the intervention itself, enabling biopharma organizations to achieve their quest for high quality gene edited cells.”

BioSkryb Genomics’ ResolveDNA® and ResolveOME™ single-cell amplification technology provides deeper insights into the whole genome and whole transcriptome in a single workflow to conduct cellular characterization. ResolveDNA and ResolveOME incorporates proprietary primary template-directed amplification (PTA) technology. PTA employs controlled reaction parameters, allowing uniform amplification of >95% of the genomes of single cells while detecting >7,000 genes, even in low input samples, with market leading precision and sensitivity. This approach results in the highest quality analyses available today for single-cell genomic applications.

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BioSkryb Genomics is a developer of genomic amplification technologies. BioSkryb Genomics engineers single-cell whole genome amplification tools to study genomic heterogeneity aiding researchers in the discovery of novel insights into human disease at the cellular level. The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. For more information, visit

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BioXpedia A/S is a high-end bioanalytical contract research laboratory. The company provides flexible end-to-end services within genomics and proteomics to support biological and clinical research for academia, biotech, and pharma. BioXpedia is continuously focusing on making new, groundbreaking technologies available for the research communities to enable the best analytical solutions. The company is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. For more information, visit


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