Liquid Instruments announces Global Roadshow to explore emerging trends in test and measurement

Roadshow will showcase the benefits of software-defined instrumentation in major cities throughout Asia, Europe, and North America

SAN DIEGO and CANBERRA, Australia — July 11, 2023 — Liquid Instruments, a leading innovator of software-defined instrumentation, today announced that it will host a 2023 Global Roadshow in more than a dozen major cities across Asia, Europe, and North America to share the latest trends in test and measurement, strategies to overcome test challenges with modern tools, and the benefits of software-defined instrumentation.

Liquid Instruments will kick off the roadshow in Shanghai on July 12 during LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, an event that attracts leading scientists and engineers from around the world. As a nod to China’s strategic importance in the test and measurement market, Liquid Instruments is partnering with regional distributor Aunion Tech to host a welcome reception where distinguished industry leaders will discuss the transformative benefits of software-defined instrumentation, how to use artificial intelligence to accelerate test goals, and other current topics, followed by dinner.

“Liquid Instruments is a pioneer in the test and measurement instrument industry,” said Guo Wei, sales manager at Aunion Tech. “They continue to provide highly professional technical guidance and training that has enabled mutual cooperation and trust. We look forward to strengthening our partnership and further contributing to scientific research and innovation in China and around the world.”

Following the inaugural event in Shanghai, the roadshow will move to other key cities in India, Israel, Singapore, the United States, and Japan throughout July, with additional dates planned in Europe in September and October.

Liquid Instruments will tailor every roadshow event based on regional preferences. Most events will include hands-on demonstrations of the company’s revolutionary Moku platform, which gives users instant access to an entire suite of software-defined instruments — from test essentials like an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to advanced tools like a lock-in amplifier and laser lock box — with a single, all-in-one device at a fraction of the cost. Roadshow attendees will learn how they can use Moku devices to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and enable new discoveries with software-defined instrumentation.

“We’re on a mission to bring our Moku products and depth of knowledge to more scientists, engineers, and students across the world, and this roadshow is an excellent opportunity for us to do that,” said Daniel Shaddock, CEO and co-founder of Liquid Instruments. “Additionally, it provides us with critical opportunities to connect with our loyal users in intimate settings and get their feedback on how we can continue improving our products.”

In May, Liquid Instruments launched Moku Version 3.0, a software upgrade that delivers a consistent user experience and code portability across all three of their Moku devices. Moku Version 3.0 brought significant upgrades to Moku:Lab, the company’s original product, underscoring Liquid Instruments’ commitment to developing software-defined test and measurement solutions that get better with new features over time. With this update, all Moku devices now offer Multi-instrument Mode, a feature that gives users the ability to utilize multiple instruments simultaneously, as well as Moku Cloud Compile, which allows users to seamlessly deploy custom bitstreams to run alongside or enhance existing Moku software-defined instruments.

Furthermore, Liquid Instruments recently announced that its products are compatible with ChatGPT for developing custom code. Since ChatGPT can write compatible field-programmable gate array (FPGA) code on command, this evolution gives scientists and engineers new ways to generate custom bitstreams that are instantly deployable to Moku devices with Moku Cloud Compile, without needing any prior knowledge of digital logic design or programming.

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