Xendee Reports Remarkable Growth and Innovation in 2023

SAN DIEGO–()–Today, Xendee, the world’s leading Electric Vehicle (EV) fast-charging and distributed energy system design platform, announced another year of significant growth and achievement in the clean energy and EV infrastructure space.

“Master Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Microgrid Design”

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The company released two major new products in 2023, doubled its customer base, and had an excellent customer retention rate of over 95%.

“Xendee is thrilled to see the success of our customers and the expanding interest in our software platform to streamline the sales, design, and operation of clean energy projects,” said Adib Nasle, CEO and Co-Founder of Xendee. “Our enthusiasm stems from the pivotal role our innovative solutions play in advancing toward a more sustainable future.”

Xendee introduced several groundbreaking features in 2023, enhancing the platform’s EV modeling capabilities and addressing the unique needs of commercial EV infrastructure design and operation. These updates include a customizable EV consumption builder app based on EV type and Google route information among others, the incorporation of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) incentive, and multiple technology and vendor databases.

Other key developments focus on fleet management requirements like EV charger spacing considerations, energy-as-a-service, and charging-as-a-service agreements, providing a streamlined approach to service management and catering to the growing demand for electric mobility solutions.

The above feature set includes the ability to model EV charging stations for predictable returns and factoring in site-specific properties. The first major Xendee launch of the year was MOBILITY, which allows firms to quickly design EV charging infrastructure supported by Distributed Energy Resources.

However, in order to move any EV charging, DER, or microgrid project forward, feasibility analysis and design approval must take place. To streamline this process, a proposal tool is needed that includes standardized databases and third-party API integration. Extensive vendor catalogs and full utility rate integration with the load profile database as well as funding programs are also needed. This proposal tool needs to be simple and fast enough to allow in-person evaluations as well as the screening of many opportunities in parallel.

As a response, to address the demand and rapid growth of the clean energy infrastructure industry, Xendee developed PROPOSE, which streamlines the process of generating DER, EV infrastructure, and microgrid proposals quickly and accurately.

“This year we saw an astonishing 160% growth in the number of optimized projects,” said Michael Stadler, CTO and Co-Founder of Xendee. “2023 has been an especially productive year for our team and partners and we look forward to continuing this momentum into 2024.”

Additionally, Xendee saw 197% growth in university accounts and launched a “Master Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Microgrid Design” certificate course at Arizona State University. An impressive 75% of attendees expressed an enormous gain in microgrid modeling knowledge in just three days. With the overwhelming interest, multiple cohorts were organized to meet the demand. Due to the course’s success and ongoing interest in the clean energy industry, new cohorts will be added in 2024.

Xendee believes in the transformative power of renewable energy and is fueled by the collective impact our customers can make in driving positive change for the planet.

About Xendee Corporation

Xendee is an award-winning software platform built to integrate the feasibility analysis and proposal building, detailed engineering, and operation of Distributed Energy Resources and EV fast-charging infrastructure. This includes the ability to rapidly model EV infrastructure for fleet owners, complex energy systems with up to 25 unique types of DER technologies, multi-node installations like a military base, and operate either connected to the grid or completely islanded. Xendee’s techno-economic optimization algorithm can then generate an ideal investment solution and operation schedule to meet organizational goals. These goals can include reducing costs, cutting CO2 emissions, and increasing resilience. Explore how Xendee can empower your organization by setting up a call with us at xendee.com/demo.


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