Azumo Unveils Nano-TFI: The Tech Behind Illuminated Transparent Gadgets

CHICAGO–()–Azumo, the leader in thin, low power light transmission, has introduced their latest innovation, Nano-Thin Film Illumination (Nano-TFI), as seen in the keyboard of Lenovo’s Transparent Display Laptop Concept at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This breakthrough approach enables consumer device designers to create illuminated high resolution images and enhance smart surface applications with touch sensors, branding, decorative patterning and more on various materials such as glass, plastics, wood grain veneer, and carbon fiber.

Unlike other techniques that require backlighting through material to create images, Azumo’s 50um film resides on the “A” surface, remaining invisible until lit up. By eliminating the need for bulky backlighting or other visible lighting elements, Nano-TFI enables thin and flexible high-resolution images without compromising on design or functionality. For consumer device designers, this opens the world for futuristic gadgets. Imagine the illumination of a company’s logo on a mouse pad, or buttons that only appear on your speaker when needed. Nano-TFI not only enhances the aesthetics of consumer devices but also drives colorful branding that helps differentiate products in the market.

Utilizing a patented light bar and flexible light guide film system, Nano-TFI has proven to illuminate large area consumer device surfaces fully and uniformly. The colorful 17.3” Lenovo transparent glass keyboard was illuminated with just 2 RGB LED arrays, demonstrating the efficiency and energy-saving capabilities of Azumo’s technology.

About Azumo:
Azumo is a breakthrough display technology company revolutionizing a $130 billion industry. LCD 2.0™ reflective technology and Nano-TFI solution, are the first in a generation of high-performance displays that improve user experience and battery life for end-users in consumer, medical, industrial, educational, and automotive markets. Azumo’s ultra-thin light transmission technology has over 70 patents and enables 10 times the battery savings compared to traditional displays. For more information on Azumo, please visit


Greg Kuchuris