Breaking boundaries of traditional chemistry for advanced materials

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Anzu investment:

October 2017

One platform, endless industries and applications

6K’s proprietary UniMelt® is a microwave-based plasma technology for high volume synthesis of nano-powders, micro-powders, and advanced coatings. With UniMelt®, 6K helps partners dramatically reduce costs, improve throughput, and improve yield, while increasing control over particle size, purity, and morphology. The technology has many different applications, including additive manufacturing, batteries, lighting & display materials, semiconductor CMP, federal & defense, specialty ceramics, advanced coatings, and nano-engineered materials.

What does that look like in practice? For battery cathode materials, it means transforming production into seconds with our Unimelt systems versus a conventional plant that takes days. For additive manufacturing, it means creating premium powders from certified millings and turnings, leveraging sustainable input streams and only at the sizes needed, creating no future waste.

With 6K’s advanced microwave plasma technology and sustainable processes, you can bring your innovations from ideation to development at speeds never before possible.

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