Revolutionizing the green manufacturing of LI-ION battery electrodes

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October 2022

Reducing cost, time, and footprint for battery manufacturers

Electrode production is a critical challenge that greatly limits LI-ION battery manufacturing because current solvent-based processes have several drawbacks: they’re expensive and inefficient, constrained by their existing infrastructure, and dependent on toxic chemicals to function.

AMB has developed a solvent-less, three-step electro-spraying system that seamlessly aligns with existing lithium-battery manufacturing, thus reducing the cost, time, and footprint required to make battery-grade electrodes compared to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

AMB’s solvent-free method directly coats powder onto substrates, which can greatly improve the way electrodes are produced across the industry. This new approach is more efficient and less expensive, significantly lowering the operational energy required while increasing infrastructure flexibility and eliminating the need for toxic solvents.

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