Making electronics and digital technologies accessible all around the world



Anzu Investment:

April 2022

Breaking down the barriers between electronics, design, and programming

Arduino designs, manufactures, and supports electronic devices and software, allowing people around the world to easily access advanced technologies that interact with the physical world. Through Arduino’s open-source platform, users can design and create all kinds of different projects, from everyday objects to complex scientific instruments. Their worldwide community includes students, hobbyists, artists, programmers, and professionals, each of who contributes to building accessible knowledge on the platform.

Arduino serves three groups: makers, educators, and businesses. For makers, Arduino’s goal is to democratize the most advanced technologies and create a new set of opportunities for creative people, whether that’s through connected products, advanced sensors, machine learning, or another avenue. For educators, Arduino’s open-source approach and cross-curriculum content serve as a foundation for STEAM education. For businesses, Arduino helps transform their business models with Internet of Things, providing robust, hackable, and understandable IoT hardware and SaaS platforms.

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