Dramatically extending battery life by cutting out the noise



Anzu Investment:

August 2020


Extending battery life for consumer, IoT, industrial, and medical applications

Aspinity is the world leader in the design and development of analog machine learning chips that are revolutionizing the architecture of always-on sensing devices that run on battery. The product consists of two core technologies: RAMP™ technology and analogML™.

RAMP (Reconfigurable Analog Modular Processor) is a neural-inspired processing platform that brings the versatility, performance, and consistency of digital systems into the more efficient analog domain. RAMP serves as the foundation for analog machine learning (analogML), which delivers Aspinity’s efficient, trainable, and programmable analog event detection that eliminates the digitization of irrelevant data and dramatically extends battery life.

Aspinity puts this technology to work for glass break detection, voice activity detection, and vibration monitoring, offering a unique, complete hardware/software solution.

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