Advancing complex disease research with single-cell genomics


Life Sciences

Anzu Investment:

August 2019

Combining whole genome or exome analysis with whole transcriptome analysis within each individual cell

Traditionally, research has utilized bulk sequencing to better understand disease. This approach has a stubborn limitation: it only captures an “average” of the profiles of thousands of cells. By contrast, single-cell analysis methods allow the capture of individual molecular components of hundreds (and up to thousands) of single cells to truly understand the heterogeneity of cancer and other complex diseases.

BioSkryb’s Primary Template-directed Amplification is a novel, isothermal whole genome amplification method that reproducibly captures >95% of the genomes of single cells in a controlled, more uniform, more accurate manner than existing approaches.

With ResolveDNA®, ResolveOME™, BaseJumper™ bioinformatics platform, and other technologies and services, BioSkryb supports scientific discoveries revealing multiple tiers of dynamic molecular information, all from single cells. BioSkryb’s resources give researchers the capability to study complex diseases more effectively and efficiently.

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