One Sample, Many Answers



Life Sciences

Anzu investment:

June 2021

Improving research and the development of new multi-omic diagnostics

Codetta is a pioneer in digital spatial polymerase chain reaction (dsPCR) and digital spatial immuno polymerase chain reaction (dsiPCR) technology.

Codetta’s integrated platform of reagents, hardware, and software enables simultaneous, multi-plexed, and multi-omic analyses of liquid biopsy and isolated DNA, RNA, and protein. This technology enables researchers to analyze viral and bacterial targets, mutations, and deletions, as well as gene and protein expression more efficiently than conventional technologies, providing more high-quality data from a single specimen while maintaining a simple sample-to-answer workflow.

With Codetta’s technology, scientists can expend fewer resources and learn more from their research. Codetta’s mission is to provide the life sciences community with a simultaneous multi-omic dsPCR solution that will advance the research and development of next-generation therapies, which ultimately improve patient care and quality of life.

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