High-power, high-performance blue lasers



Anzu investment:

June 2015


NUBURU brings new precision and increased productivity by 10x to welding and additive manufacturing

NUBURU® is leading the transformation to a world of high-speed, high quality metal machining and processing. NUBURU ground-breaking blue laser technology has defined a new class of high-power, high-performance blue lasers, starting with the standard AO laser and the high-brightness AI laser, which each enable radical gains in speed and quality for metal processing.

The high power blue laser welds copper faster and better than any alternative solution. This advantage springs from fundamental physics: copper absorbs blue light better than it absorbs infrared radiation or other colors of light. Aluminum, gold and other important industrial metals also absorb more blue than they do other wavelengths of light. That basic fundamental physical advantage leads to performance advantages for welding copper, welding aluminum, 3D printing, and other materials processing applications.

NUBURU lasers unlock a path to new designs for both conventional laser-metal machining and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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