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Anzu Investment:

January 2017

The fastest way to find spare parts and DIY components

Partium is the Search SDK for industrial spare parts – available for App and Web.

Featuring a machine assistant, it helps bridge that gap between the machine operators and the machine manufacturer by allowing quick access to documentation and spare part diagrams. But what’s more, it enables a unique functionality—visual identification of parts through camera search.

Part recognition isn’t just about leveraging powering computer vision to recognize parts. It’s just as important to use AI to understand and filter parts based on criteria that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

That’s where Partium Delta technology comes in; the company utilizes and augments the metadata of parts to solve a variety of part-search challenges: Pre-filtering based on location or assembly; asking follow-up questions to narrow down visually similar part candidates; verifying a part matches a machine. 

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