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Anzu Investment:

December 2021

The Liquefied Gas Electrolytes are a platform technology which will enable an entirely new class of batteries across a range of markets and applications. 


Unlike common battery electrolytes which are liquid at room temperature, or solid-state electrolytes under development, the team at South 8 Technologies is the first to develop and commercialize a novel, patented Liquefied Gas Electrolyte (LiGas®), for next-generation electrochemical energy storage devices. These non-toxic electrolytes use solvents that are normally gaseous at standard pressure and room temperature but may be liquefied under a moderate pressure and used as an electrolyte within the cell.

In contrast to conventional liquid electrolytes which are a catalyst for thermal runaway, the non-toxic LiGas electrolytes may safely and quickly vent from a cell after physical or electrical abuse (ex. crush, high temperature, short circuit) allowing the cell to fail safely without thermal runaway reactions or thermal propagation to neighboring cells.

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