Revolutionary biological mass spectrometry technology



Anzu Investment:

November 2017

Enabling next-generation biodefense solutions

Zeteo Tech is developing a series of time-of-flight mass spectrometers for measurement of high molecular weight, non-volatile bio-active chemicals and biomarkers of airborne disease.

Their digitalMALDI® technology pushes MALDI technology to a whole new level for speed, sensitivity and specificity by obtaining biomarker measurements from individual particles in the bioaerosol. In addition to the core digitalMALDI® aerosol time-to-flight mass spectrometer capabilities, Zeteo Tech’s state-of-art laboratory includes Axima® MALDI time-of-flight and Orbritrap® mass spectometers. 

The company is targeting a number of commercial applications for the digitalMALDI® technology. Present applications include analysis of breath aerosol for diagnosis of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and detection of airborne bio-threats within buildings and other critical infrastructure.

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